What is the Silver Haired Legislature?

 The South Carolina Silver Haired Legislature is a VOLUNTEER organization created by a act of the South Carolina General Assembly in 1999. It is one of approximately 36 Silver Haired Legislatures throughout the United States. It is structured as a NON-PARTISAN model legislature.

In South Carolina the Silver Haired Legislature is divided into 10 Caucuses, each of which is made up of representatives from three to six counties. The number of representatives is determined by the population of Seniors over the age of 60 residing in each county. One representative is allocated for each 5000 Seniors with counties with a Senior population of less than 10,000 allowed 2 Representatives and counties with more than 50,000 allowed a maximum of 10 Representatives.

At the state level the Silver Haired Legislature is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of each Caucus Chairperson and one additional representative from each Caucus. Officers of the Board are elected by majority vote of the entire SHL on the last day of the SHL Legislative Session in September of even numbered years. They are elected to serve a two year term.

The Catawba Caucus is comprised of the counties of York, Lancaster, Chester and Union.  York County has eight Representatives, Lancaster has three and Union and Chester each have two.

Representatives must be 60 years old and a registered voter in their county. Each Representative is a volunteer and must be able to attend Caucus and, usually, two statewide meetings held in Columbia each year. They must complete a Candidate Filing Form and be elected to a two year term by their peers in a Caucus.