How the Silver Haired Legislature Works

The SCSHL meets in a two day session every other year in September to formulate the resolutions that will be presented to the South Carolina General Assembly the following January.

Prior to this gathering, each of the 10 Caucuses that make up the SCSHL will have met numerous times to develop up to three proposed resolutions to be considered for recommendation to the General Assembly. These proposed resolutions are submitted to a committee of the Board of Directors where they are grouped into six categories based on their subject matter and so copies can be provided to all caucus members. The six categories are Consumer Protection, Economic Security, Health Care, Long Term Care, Transportation, and General .

Each Caucus member is assigned to a panel which will meet to review and discuss the proposed resolutions. Each panel reviews resolutions in one of the six categories and contains at least one member from each Caucus submitting a proposed resolution falling into that category in order to clarify and answer questions regarding the proposal.  After review and discussion each panel will vote to send a maximum of three proposed resolutions to a vote by the full membership.

The full membership of the SCSHL then meets to discuss each of the proposed resolutions advanced from the panels. After the discussion the full membership votes on these resolutions. The three resolutions receiving the most votes will then be presented to the General Assembly for consideration during the upcoming two year legislative session.

In alternating years the SCSHL will meet in September for a one day session to hear reports on the progress of the resolutions which were submitted and to conduct other business deemed appropriate.